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The SAFEST, Most reliable Choice IN COAM


About Us.

The safest, most reliable partner to drive your COAM gaming profits.

Whether you are new to Coin Operated Amusement Machines (COAM) or have an existing COAM business, Ultra is the safest, most supportive partner in gaming. We are one of the original Master License Holders in Georgia with over 30 years as a family business. Our leadership team has over 200 years of experience combined across the gaming, lottery, technology, retail convenience and grocery industries so our partners can feel confident they are in good hands.


We help our partners successfully manage risk while adding or managing a highly profitable revenue stream by leveraging underutilized space. Our expertise, business insights and proprietary Titan Redemption System make the day-to-day management of COAM simple and easy. 

Culture of Compliance.

Ultra operates under a Culture of Compliance where everything we say or do is done right, aligns to the rules and raises the bar for everyone. We know that compliance starts with the little things, understanding the rules and following them to the letter. We don’t see compliance as restrictive; we see it as freedom to operate with confidence. We are active, supportive members of industry associations like the NCPG, GACS, GAMOA, GOA, AMOA and more! 


We offer simple reporting to help you manage COAM regulations like the 50/50 rule, provide insight into your estimated COAM bank sweeps and simplify bookkeeping. 

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Culture of Support.

Our Culture of Support extends beyond ensuring highly responsive technical support and maximizing system up-time. It also means our partners can rely on us to plan their gaming space, to support the licensing process, to provide strategies to simplify bookkeeping and COAM operations which save time and money.


Our Account Managers are responsive to your needs and use data insights to develop customized growth plans. With our internet accessible dashboards so you can easily see COAM sales, service tickets and more. We help drive profits while simplifying operations.

The ULTRA Difference


24-7 system monitoring and highly responsive service technicians.

Minimal Day to Day Management 

Simplified bookkeeping with daily reports.

Detailed Visability

Titan systems offer customizable alerts to easily manage state requirements and mitigate theft risk. 

Data Insights and Expertise

Our Account Managers deliver business intelligence and strategic plans to grow profits. 

The Best Games

We always have the latest and most popular games.

Individualized Support

We guide you through licensing and implementation.

Titan Redemption System.

An essential component of any terminal gaming operation.

We exclusively offer the Titan Redemption System to better manage your gaming category. Titan Redemption System tracks all game machine activity and delivers real-time system notifications.


Titan Redemption System  helps you stay in compliance with state regulations. Titan Redemption System reporting allows for simplified bookkeeping.

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Most Popular Games.

We know having the newest and most popular games drives traffic to retail locations. That is why we work closely with the top game manufacturers to bring you the latest titles.


We use our data insights to optimize your game assortment meaning players get exactly what they’re looking for.

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